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Buy Room Heater Online: How to get the best deals

Do you need a new room heater? If so, then it is time to shop! There are many different types of heaters that can be used to heat up any space. Room heaters are one type of heating system that can be used in an office, bedroom, or living room. These heaters have the ability to save you money on your energy bill and keep you warm during those cold winter nights. In this post, we will discuss how to find the best deals on a room heater online and what features should be considered before purchasing a new heater.

Orpat Fan Heater – OEH-1220 2000-Watt
  • Stay warm with the Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater. It strikes a perfect balance between power and convenience, constantly ensuring a comfortable climate with a wattage capacity of 2000 watts. The device is designed for small or medium rooms which have an approximate size of 250 square feet—making it easy to maintain regulated temperatures in your desired area without any hassles.
  • Keep your entire house warmer, feel safer and enjoy all-day warmth with Orpat OEH-1220. This stylish heater has a sleek, and modern design. It also features a 100% pure coppers wire motor for long life. It is perfect for spot heating or heating up 250 sq. ft. at a 2000 watt heat setting.
  • The thermal cut-off ensures your safety and two heat settings give you a range of hours to choose from for your comfort needs. Choose between a 1000 watt or a 2000 watt setting, depending on the level of warmth you need, and stay warm all night long.
  • The heat spreads throughout the room quickly, providing you with immediate warmth. With this model, there’s no need to worry about uncomfortable loud noises. It operates efficiently and quietly! Purchase yours today to have these features within easy reach!

Orpat Fan Heater – OEH-1260 2000-Watt
  • The Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater is ideal for spot heating. Orpat’s new OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater will help you to warm up any time of the year. Comfortably heat.
  • 250 sq ft with its powerful heated air technology! Includes a small, yet effective fan for easy circulation!
  • The Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater is the best, safest way to stay warm this winter. With a non-sagging, stitching type and long-life heating element, you’ll always be comforted with its safe, reliable warmth. And safety cut-off won’t let anything get overheated! The included Overheat Protection assures that the heater turns off when it gets too hot to touch–you’re in control here.
  • With features like a thermal cut-off for added safety and helpful functions like an adjustable thermostat feature, Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater will delight you with its versatility.
  • The Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater can heat your entire room with its versatile 2000 watt power and variable thermostat settings.

Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater
  • Don’t be left in the cold this winter with Solimo. With an output of 2000 watts, you’ll be nice and cozy in your house, whatever the weather may throw at it! This room heater has a powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motor for quick heating power that can work horizontally or vertically! If you’re looking for quick relief from the winter chill then look no further than Solimo’s 2000-watt room heater.
  • The lightweight 1.15 kg plastic body with rust-free metal grill front means it’s easy to drag from one room to another when you’re on the go. The Solimo Room Heater is usually safe from overheating, with a design that ensures the motor will switch off if it exceeds 130°C. If the heater reaches temperatures of 126° C, a fire retardant plastic body features a metal grill that will go off. The 2400 RPM copper wound motor that works of 2000 Watts makes effective heating through Solimo Room Heater.
  • The 2000 watt (power) room heater operates at 220 – 240 volts. It has a cooling mechanism to avoid over-heating and comes with an instructions manual.

Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater- 1000 Watts
  • The 1000 Watts heater that provides instant heating during winters is perfect for small spaces.
  • Customize to your heating needs with an adjustable thermostat.
  • We offer a cotton braided cord for safety and a Nickel-Chromium Plated mesh grid that offers effective heating. These come with our Neat & Clean Operation
  • Room heaters come with a 2-year warranty and they are also dependable.

Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater 2000 Watts White and Gold
  • Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater 2000 Watts is a unique device that provides two heat settings- 1300 W and 2000 W.
  • The ceramic heating element provides faster, safer, and energy-efficient heating to enjoy the comforting warmth of Calido.
  • A smart heater that automatically switches off if it falls/tips over accidentally.
  • It comes with a cleanable dust filter that prevents dust from entering the product and can be cleaned from time to time.
  • The product comes with an overheat protection system that automatically switches off the product if it overheats.
  • This heater comes with an inbuilt thermostat which helps in temperature regulation, thus controlling the heating system through a series of air-filled control tubes.

Havells OFR – 9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Room Heater with Fan

  • The Havells OFR-9Fin is a compact and efficient room heater that comes with wheels at the base for easy movement. It has an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature in your room.
  • This amazing Havells PTC fan heater comes with three different power settings. In each power setting, it uses a different wattage, hence you can save energy.
  • Havells OFR – 9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Room Heater with Fan is safe to use, a portable heater that makes any room warm and cozy. It has extra safety features like a tilt over switch for safety.
  • The heater also provides you with extra safety as it has a built-in tilt-over switch that turns the device off when it tilts over.
  • It comes with a thermostatic heat control to help you maintain the temperature of your room. The heater has a compact design and can be placed anywhere in your home due to its easy portability.

Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector with Over Heat Protection
  • Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heater is a portable heater that can be used for heating small to medium-sized rooms.
  • The heater has a compact design best fit for room size up to 150 sq ft and comes with an overheat protection system that turns off the heater if it starts overheating.
  • It features three heating positions (665/ 1330/2000 watts), allowing you to choose the perfect temperature for your home or office.
  • This product has a twin-turbo design for better heating.
  • It has got thermal cut-out and overheating protection to avoid any accident due to overheating.

Bajaj Blow Hot 2000 Watts Fan Forced Circulation Room Heater
  • Bajaj Blow Hot 2000 Watts not only heats up your room in style but also safeguards you against any damage while it’s on. The Automatic Thermal Safety Cut-Off Feature ensures that the product won’t overheat and cause disasters.
  • This heater conforms to Indian standards and saves your wallet from electricity bills because it’s a lot cheaper than competing heaters! It has two settings (1000 watts or 2000 watts) for the desired comfort.
  • Bajaj Blow Hot is not only powerful but convenient for people on the go. The heater has an automatic cut-out feature that makes it safer to use, and its compact size means you can easily carry it anywhere!

Maharaja Whiteline Lava Neo 1200-Watt Halogen Heater
  • Say goodbye to your struggling and shivering nights. Say goodbye to your struggling and shivering nights. The Maharaja Whiteline Lava Neo 1200-Watt Halogen Heater is right here, round the clock offering you warmth at any time of day.
  • Keep your rooms warm this winter with our Maharaja Whiteline Lava Neo 1200-Watt Halogen Heater! This heater offers different warming levels (400 W, 800 W, and 1200 W) to suit every need, so whether you’re looking for a quick, intense blast of heat or are in the mood to binge-watch your favorite show on your couch while still feeling cozy in front of the TV – this heater will help give you that perfect temperature.
  • With a wide rotation, this heater will help you take the chill out of just about any home in no time.
  • Its shock-proof insulting body guarantees that your family is safe, even with little kids who are old members of the household.
  • With its silent performance, it’s perfect for heating rooms without disturbing bedtime routines!
  • Especially with that tip-over switch feature too! You can rest assured knowing you’re always safe when it comes to this heater.

Havells Cozio Quartz Room Heater – 800 Watt
  • Havells Quartz Room Heater is a perfect solution to the problem of cold rooms. It has two heat settings – 400 Watt & 800 Watt and a front grill for safety.
  • Cozio Quartz Room Heater is a perfect solution for your home heating needs.
  • It comes with 2 quartz heating tubes providing more warmth and has an inbuilt thermostat to regulate the temperature.
  • Havells provides home service within 24 hours for all its customers across India.

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